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Keep your knitting space organized with a beautiful handcrafted yarn bowl! It's amazing how much easier knitting can be when you keep your ball or skein in a yarn bowl. The yarn feeds much more smoothly, doesn't roll away, and doesn't tangle. You should definitely try one for yourself!

At Knit Bin, we don't just have any ordinary yarn bowls, either. We carry handcrafted pottery or wooden yarn bowls beautifully made by craftsmen who have a special deal with us, allowing us to sell these works of art at lower prices than anywhere else. Our wooden bowls also have a 6" diameter, which is bigger than the small "bargain" bowls you see advertised.

As individually handmade pieces, our yarn bowls have variances in color and design, but all are quite beautiful and make wonderful display pieces even if you don't want to use them for yarn!
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Hand Made Pottery Yarn Bowls
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Wooden Yarn Bowls
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