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No one likes to deal with a yarn skein around their knees or the back of a chair when trying to wind it up nice and neatly for their next project. Luckily, you don't have to! While you might think that a yarn swift seems unnecessary, actually they make winding much easier, saving you time and energy so that you can get to knitting quicker!!

A lover of knitting myself, I'm right there with all of you who get irritated with lengthy and irritating yarn winding. That's why I enlisted the help of my husband to design and create Knit Bin's easy-to-use and highly effective custom yarn swifts.

Both the small-base and large-base yarn swift are extremely stable and smooth, with no need to clamp either one to a table. It's my (un-biased) opinion that the Knit Bin yarn swifts are the best I've ever used!

Also available is the Lacis hand-operated yarn ball winder, perfect for making center pull balls up to 4 oz. without requiring any cones or tubes. Order yours today to use with our highly-rated yarn swifts! These Knit Bin purchases will return you to the relaxing and enjoyable hobby that knitting should truly be!
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Nirvana Twister Yarn Swifts
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Nirvana Yarn Ball Winders
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Lacis Yarn Ball Winders
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Hand Crafted Table-Top Yarn Swift, Small Base
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Hand Crafted Table-Top Yarn Swift
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